BPIT, Inc. - D-RX-250 Combined Probe Sensor

D-RX-250 Combined Probe Sensor

By: Durag

Single rod measurement probe for simultaneous measurement of
- Dust concentration [mg/Nm3]
- Volume flow [Nm3/h]
- Temperature [°C]
- Absolute pressure [hPa]

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  • Only one probe / installation opening in the exhaust gas channel
  • Compact design, no moving parts, no consumable parts
  • Continuous conversion to normalised dust concentration in mg/Nm3 and to normalised volume flow in Nm3/h
  • LCD display in mg/Nm3, Nm3/h, °C and hPa, one analog output for each measurement value
  • Parameterization at the control unit without the need of a PC or other tools
  • Remote connection of control and evaluation unit via two-wire bus interface up to 1000m


Measurements: dust concentration, volume flow, absolute pressure, temperature
Measuring ranges:

0–10 ... 0–500 mg/Nm3

0–9,999,999 Nm3/h 1)

0–200°C, optional 0-350°C

900–1,300 hPa 

Measuring principle: dust: tribo electric
Volume flow:

differential pressure

Flue gas temperature:

above dew point up to 200°C,

optional up to 350°C, flue gas humidity: <80%
Flue gas pressure: -200 up to 200 hPa
Accuracy: <2% of measuring range
Detection limit: <2% of measuring range