BPIT, Inc. - Isostack G4

Isostack G4

By: Tecora

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· Fast isokinetic control in any stack condition
· Volume measurement with dry gas meter.
· Sampling flow measurement with mass flow meter.
· In-stack temperature and velocity measurement.
· Autotest and anomalies management.
· USB interface to download data.
· High precision pressure calibrator, with thermal drift compensation device.
· Large library with specifications of the most common ducts.
· Datalogger function with saving data on USB key (supplied with the instrument).
· Graphic interface is highly intuitive and simple.
· Internal memory for up to 256 reports.
· Reduced maintenance.


Weight :  15 Kg (pump 4 m3/h) 19 kg (pump 8 m3/h)
Power Supply : 220 Vac 50/60Hz - (110Vac 50/60Hz)
Display : graphic LCD 128x64 pixel
Ambient temperature :  -20 +40°C 95% UR