BPIT, Inc. - EnviDAQ 9810

EnviDAQ 9810

By: Envitech Ltd.

8-Slot Sub-Controller Based On RS-485 (Compatible with ADAM 5000/485)

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  • Easy to install and networking RS-485 communication
  • Each system has 8 slot, Max can support 128 I/O point
  • Support various software including Windows DLL driver, OCX driver, OPC server and HMI/SCAPA software driver.
  • With surge protection, avoid system to be damaged by dangerous voltage and power transients
  • Can use one R-8510 repeater to expand network, each system can have Max 256 R-9000 unit, max transmit distance can reach 10km


General Aspects

EnviDAQ-9810, a trademark of Envitech Ltd, like the EnviDAQ-9410 (but with 8 slot and not 4) use EIA RS-485 communication protocol. This protocol is the standard which has been widely used in industrial field balancing, two-way transmit. RS-485 has the advantage of further transmitting distance, higher transmitting speed, very suitable for industrial application.


Description Specification
CPU  16 Micro processor
I/O model capacity: 8
Built-in watchdog  
Power consumption: 4.0W
Network Communication: RS-232or RS 485(2-wire) to mainframe
Max communicate distance: 4000 feet(1.2km)
Command format: ASCII command/response protocol