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EnviDAQ 9080

By: Envitech Ltd.

4-Channel Frequency/Counter Module

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  • Channel: 4
  • Max counter: 4,294,967,285(32-bit)
  • Input frequency: frequency model: 0.3~1000Hz (Max); counter model: 5000Hz (Max)
  • Model: counter (plus/minus, two-way) frequency
  • Power consumption: 1.3W (typical) 1.5 (Max)
  • Programmable digital noise filter: 8~65000ms


Description Specification
Input level:  isolation or TTL level
Min impulse band width:  500ms (frequency model), 100ms (counter model)
Min input current:  2mA (isolated)
Isolated input level: 

logic level 0: +1V (Max);

logic level 1: +3.5V to 30 V

TTL input level: 

logic level 0: 0V to 0.8V;

logic level 1: 2.3Vto 5V

Isolated voltage:  1000VRMS
Counter assisted function:  Initialization setting, high/low alarm set up, warning digital output switch, overflow flag