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SVECU Ignition Units

By: Durag

Ignition and control unit for pilot burners and lances for flares.

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Ignition and control unit for flares.

  • Pilot burners
  • Ignition lances
  • Explosion proof version available


Ignition Units for Pilot Burners of Flares (longer distance) Common Data
Function: ignition and flame detection for pilot burner(s) or ignition lance(s)
Power supply: 115 or 230 Vac
Option 24 Vdc
Ignition: 100% electronic, type SVECU
Spark energy: 9 or 18 J
Spark tension: 3000 Volt
Spark frequency: 0,5 or 2 Hz depends on type pilot burner or lance.
Flame detection: thermocouple relay type K
Control: by small PLC
Enclosure: IP66 general purpose or explosion proof IIB(ATEX), option: explosion proof for IIC
Material: 304 SST for IP66 enclosure,
cast aluminium for ex-proof enclosure, option: SST enclosure
Temperature range: -20 to 55 for explosion proof
-20 to 60 °C for IP 66
Option for -40°C
LED signal lamps: yellow power on, green for pilot on, red for pilot off, red for ignition failure
Switches: main power isolator, start, stop, reset and lamp test
Contacts: pilot on/off, ignition failure,
option for 4–20 mA for t/c signal
Max. distance: 250 meter
option for 500 meter
  explosion proof type safe area type
For 1 pilot burner or ignition lance: SVECU X/2-EJB5-H4D4ST-L-CR-PH SVECU X/2-AE1008-H4D4ST-L-CR-PH
For 2 pilot burners or ignition lances: 2SVECU-X/2-2EJB5-H4D6S2T-L-CR-PH 2SVECU-X/2-AE1010-H4D6S2T-L-CR-PH
For 3 pilot burners or ignition lances: 3SVECU X/2-2EJB5-H4D8S3T-L-CR-PH 3SVECU X/2-AE1012-H4D8S3T-L-CR-PH
For 4 pilot burners or ignition lances: 4SVECU X/2-2EJB5-H4D10S4T-L-CR-PH 4SVECU X/2-AE1014-H4D10S4T-L-CR-PH