BPIT, Inc. - Flare Pilot Burners (electrical ignited)

Flare Pilot Burners (electrical ignited)

By: Durag

Ignition of waste gas from pipe flares, air and steam assisted flares and ground flares.

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  • High energy ignition
  • Ignition by three integrated spark plugs
  • Long lifetime, longer maintenance intervals
  • Insensitive to moisture and dirt
  • Complete delivery; cables, junction boxes and ignition unit
  • Easy fit cable connectors
  • Self-aspirating or forced air supply
  • Integrated and protected thermocouple
  • Functionally tested to client specifications
  • Construction completely out of high temperature-resistant stainless steel.

For most flare systems the pilot burner can not be accessed for service. Maintenance or replacement is not possible while the flare is in operation.

To safeguard operation, Smitsvonk’s pilots provide reliable ignition and stable burning even under the most difficult climate conditions.


Common data
Pipe diameter: 2" (60mm)
Length: 1200, 2326 or 2500 mm
Design: angled or straight
Air requirements: self-aspirating
Gas connection: 1/2" BSPM
Supply gas: natural gas or propane/butane
  refinery gas (max. 40 vo% H2)
Options: refinery gas, up to 100% H2, coke gas, biogas
Materials: mainly 310 SST option: incoloy 800 HT
Windcap diameter: 4"
Mounting hooks: included
Flame detection: by thermocouple type K
Option: double thermocouple, 2 separate thermocouples