BPIT, Inc. - 1000 kW Oil Igniters

1000 kW Oil Igniters

By: Durag

1000 kW Oil Fired Igniters

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  • Ignition of large coal or heavy fuel oil fired burners in utility boilers


Oil fired igniter ZAEL2...  
Oil throughput: max. 40 kg/h or
max. 60 kg/h or
max. 80 kg/h
Outer tube diameter: 90 mm
Flame length (depending on oil nozzle size): max. 2200 mm
Outer tube length (in 10 mm increments from - to): 360 – 5000 mm
Oil port: Rp 3/8, top or bottom
Oil pressure: max. 4 barg
Atomising air port: Rp 1/4
Atomising air: max. 4 barg
Air port: Rp 2, rotatable 4 x 90°
Air pressure: with a outer tube length not exceeding 3 m 10 mbarg, plus another 10 mbarg for every additional m of outer tube length
Features: with integrated ignition module and ionisation flame monitor for intermittent operation
Power head  
Ignition: 2 x 7.5 kV, ignition electrode against ignition electrode
Ambient temperature: - 30 °C to + 60 °C
Protection rating: IP 54 or IP 65