By: Geonica

GEONICA SUITE 4K is the last generation of a software package developed by GEONICA for the interaction, configuration, data presentation, data analysis and real-time data monitoring of Geonica’s data acquisition stations (METEODATA/HYDRODATA 2000/3000/4000 series).

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A communications tool for requesting and downloading data from the METEODATA HYDRODATA 3000 series stations to the computer, and the editing and management of these stations.

TELETRANS-W4K integrates all the data request commands made to the stations (real time data or data saved in the memory) It allows us to change and/or modify the configuration of the stations, enables us to perform tasks such as date and time synchronisation with the computer and adds new measuring channels specifying the different sampling and storage periods, as well as the statistical calculations to be stored.

  • Remote communication with stations
  • Wide variety of communication systems supported: GSM,GPRS, 3G UMTS/WCDMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Fiber Optic, Ethernet,ISM Radio, RS232, RS485, USB, Satellite (Inmarsat, Thuraya,Insat, Meteosat, GOES, etc), etc.
  • Data storage remote request
  • Instantaneous data display on tables /charts
  • Request of images captured by the stations
  • Station settings: time, channels, etc.
  • Basic and advanced test of station features
  • Calibration of stations and sensors
  • Automatic execution of tasks
  • Station firmware / configuration update
  • Compatible with high availability cluster
  • “Keep Alive” function included
  • Fully automated and unattended operation


This application is designed for data query, data management and real-time data monitoring. This data captured by the station is stored in the database by TELETRANS-W4K application or accessible by means of a web service.


  • View real time data, statistical an historical charts and graphs
  • Reporting
  • New virtual paramemters from existing ones
  • Alarms display
  • Easy display of parameters with bit-coded data

Maps and Information

  • Display of station´s status data on map
  • Latest data on map
  • Display of weather forecasts and camera/radar/satellite images


  • Data in real time displayed by means of “gauges”
  • Full customization of monitoring environment



Weather reports encoding according to METAR (frequently used at aerodromes), SYNOP (widely extended in meteorology) and BUFR (format defined by the WMO-World Meteorological Organization).

This application accesses the station database and generates encoded meteorological reports according to standard (frequently used in aerodromes), standard (widely extended in meteorology) and standard (defined by the WMO-World Meteorological Organization).



This application can convert raw data (stored by METEODATA /HYDRODATA stations in a SD card or captured through satellite systems) into a binary format that can be used by the final user (CSV or Access).

  • Data import from the station´s SD card
  • Data export to Excel and other databases