BPIT, Inc. - T-Print G0241 Temperature recorder with printer

T-Print G0241 Temperature recorder with printer

By: Envitech Ltd.

Dual channel thermometer with binary inputs and RS232 output for GSM.

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  • Record of actual or average values
  • Calculated MKT - mean kinetic temperature for storing of pharmaceuticals in the PC program
  • Cyclic record - after filling the memory oldest records are overwritten by new
  • No need to download data - large 1MB memory stores up to 5 years of record permanently
  • USB interface for record download to the PC
  • RS232 link for GSM modem connection - G0241 model
  • Fifteen selectable languages & degrees of Celsius and Fahrenhei


General Aspects:

T-Print G0241, a trademark of Envitech Ltd, is a Climate Control intelligent data logger that realted to the temp monitoring field.

This Envitech data logger can print-out of temperature record during transport of food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, live animals and other goods and designed specifically for external installation on semi-trailers. It has easy installation.


Description Specification
Measuring temperature range: -90 to +260°C
Operating temperature range: -30 to +65°C
Operating temperature range of the printer: -20 to +50°C
Compatible temperature probes: with Pt1000/3850ppm sensor
Accuracy of the input without probe: ±0.2°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Logging interval: user selectable from 1 minute to 60 minutes
Memory capacity: 1MB - 172,032 records from one probe,102 400 records from two probes (up to 5 years with 15 minutes interval and one probe)
Power:   9 to 32Vdc, protected against alternator load shedding + internal Lithium battery
Dimensions:   (WxHx D) 175 x 124 x 51 mm