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Main Features:

  • Full programmability of the remote station and all channels independently, in local mode by PC, or remotely from a central computer, via the same communications link ( GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, radio link, etc. ) used for data and still images transmission.
  • Internal Flash Nand memory 64 Mbytes (128 MBytes optional)
  • Analog to Digital Converter of 20-bit resolution
  •    Possibility to independently program alarms for each channel as well as to generate SMS notice messages sent to mobile telephones and to send emails to maintenance personnel.
  • Ultra low power microprocessor consumption : 10 mA at 12 VDC on 100% work cycle and less than 1mA at idle power-saving mode.
  • Internal Clock with optional automatic synchronization by a built-in GPS receiver and external antenna.
  • Independent watchdog circuit.
  • Internal quick connect terminal strips for all the sensors, solar panel, supply network, radio transmitter, antennas, etc.
  • Individual cable connectors are offered optionally (see option "CN").
  • Integral protection for all Input/Output lines for the equipment, using Transzorbs, gas Dischargers , Coils, Varistors, Resistors, Network filters and fuses.
  • Internal Power Source including 12V-9Ah battery and Charger-Regulator for connection to a Solar Panel or 110/220 VAC network . External battery is optional.
  • Two internal and independent power supply circuits controlled by the Microprocessor, to power the external sensors connected to the station, making it possible to program the connection and disconnection periods in order to reduce and optimize the power consumption.
  • Optional liquid crystal alphanumeric display (LCD) 4x20 characters, with integrated 18 key membrane keypad.




Remote Automatic Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit, teleprogrammable; totalcompact mount in a heavy duty weatherproof Polypropylene housing (Protection IP-67 ; dimensions 30x23x13cm ).



Remote Automatic Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit, teleprogrammable ; totalcompact mount in a heavy duty Weatherproof metallic housing (Protection IP-66; dimensions 30x30x21cm ).



Inputs/Outputs (total of 16 without counting the 4 serial ports)

8 Analog input channels (totally differential).

2 Micro-relay digital inputs with 4000 V galvanic insulation

2 Micro-relay digital outputs with 4000 V galvanic insulation.

4 Digital counters ,16 bits (for pluviometers, anemometers and other similar sensors with impulse output).

Communication Ports (total of 4):

Com 1: General purpose RS232 serial port.

Com 2: Serial port CMOS for generic use and development 
(Ethernet optional, etc. ).

Com 3: General purpose, programmable RS232/422/485 serial port.

Com 4: Serial port for connection to modems GSM, GPRS,

Input-Connectivity Signals:

The 2008C Unit permits connection with any type of sensors, analog or 
digital, accepting:

Voltage signals from +/- 2.5 microV up to +/- 2,500 mV standard. (Optionally extendable up to +/- 5,000 mV and other higher ranges, to be indicated 
with the order ).

Current Signals in 0-20 / 4-20 mA , etc.

PTC, NTC and Pt-100 type resistors for temperature measurement, thermistors, piezoelectric sensors, etc.

Frequency signals.

Periodic signals.

Pulse counters.

Relay contact (reed type, voltage free, solid state, etc.).

Smart sensors with their own communication protocol.

Webcams for taking and transmitting still images

Rest of specifications according to Brochure Nº 9722.0039.