BPIT, Inc. - T703U Photometric Ozone Calibrator

T703U Photometric Ozone Calibrator

By: Teledyne Instruments API

The Model T703U is a microprocessor controlled ozone calibrator for precision gas analyzers. Expanded ozone audit levels have created a need for precise ozone calibration well below the capabilities of standard calibrators. The Model T703U is designed to meet the requirements of ultra-low ozone production.

In addition to a high range with similar performance to the Model T703, the Model T703U has the capability to generate ozone in a low range, or “fractional” mode, for producing ozone levels down to 3 ppb, with exceptional accuracy. Flow rate and lamp intensity are adjusted to deliver a specified ozone concentration by volume. The temperature and pressure compensated photometer, identical to that of the Model T400 ozone analyzer, provides feedback control of the UV lamp intensity, assuring stable ozone output. A nearly unlimited number of calibration sequences may be programmed into the non-volatile memory of the T703U, covering time periods up to a year.

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  • Transfer standard for calibration of ozone analyzers
  • Ultra-low ozone capability – down to 3 ppb
  • Large, vivid, and durable color graphics display with touch screen interface
  • Ethernet, RS-232, and (optional) USB com ports
  • Front panel USB connections for peripheral devices and firmware upgrades
  • 12 independent timers for sequences
  • Nested sequences (up to 5 levels)
  • UV Lamp Feedback modes: current control; reference detector control; photometer controlInternal zero air pump (optional)
  • Flow adjustable from 1 LPM to 5 LPM (with internal zero air source)
  • Flow adjustable from 1 LPM to 15 LPM (with external zero air source)
  • High Flow/High Output capability (optional)
  • Inlets for external ozone reference sources


Gas Measured: O3 Ozone

Ranges (Min/Max): 0-100 ppb / 0-10 ppm

Applications: O3 Calibrator