BPIT, Inc. - T700U Dynamic Dilution Calibrator

T700U Dynamic Dilution Calibrator

By: Teledyne Instruments API

The Model T700U is a microprocessor based calibrator for precision gas analyzers. Using highly accurate mass flow controllers combined with compressed sources of standard gases, calibration standards are provided for multipoint span and zero checks using up to 4 gas sources.

In addition to the features of the Model T700, the Model T700U is designed for the demanding requirements of ultra-sensitive measurements. The ability to calibrate and verify linearity for NO2 at levels below 5 ppb is difficult with standard calibrators. To overcome this limitation, the Model T700U ozone generator operates in two modes; a high range with similar performance to the Model T700 ozone generator, and a low range, or “fractional” mode, for producing accurate ozone levels down to 3 ppb. To ensure the highest accuracy of NO2 output, the calibrator measures the ozone concentration prior to performing a GPT, and the range is selected automatically by the Model T700U based on ozone concentration and flow specified by the user.

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  • New - Ultra-stable ozone output to 3 ppb
  • Ultra-low gas phase titration (GPT) to 3 ppb NO2
  • Built-in photometer, ozone generator, and GPT chamber
  • Large, vivid, and durable color graphics display with touch screen interface
  • Ethernet, RS-232, and (optional) USB com ports
  • Front panel USB connections for peripheral devices and firmware upgrades12 independent timers for sequences
  • Nested sequences (up to 5 levels)
  • Software linearization of mass flow controllers (MFC)
  • 4 calibration ports (configurable for single or multi-blend gases)
  • 3rd MFC for wide dynamic range (optional)
  • Glass gas phase titration chamber (GPT)
  • Inlets for external ozone reference sources


Gas Measured: All gases

Ranges (Min/Max): 0-100%

Applications: Gas Calibrator