BPIT, Inc. - 701H High Performance Zero Air System

701H High Performance Zero Air System

By: Teledyne Instruments API

The Model 701H is an excellent source of high purity zero air for all your process and analytical instrument needs. It is the ideal zero air source for ambient background monitoring applications using highly sensitive analyzers
such as the model 100EU, 200EU and 300EU trace gas analyzers. It also may be used as a source of purge air for permeation tube ovens or burner air for FID analyzers.

The regenerative, heatless dryer removes water and produces gas with a dewpoint of less than -25°C (dependant on flowrate). and assists in the removal of other gases, greatly increasing the life of the chemical scrubbers.

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  • Standard two year warranty
  • Regenerative, heatless dryer for maintenance-free water removal independent of inlet dewpoint
  • Long life scrubbers for SO2, NO, NO2, O3, H2S, CO and Hydrocarbons
  • Dewpoint sensor/alarm
  • Automatic water drain
  • Automatic pump control based on flow demand
  • Ideal zero air for “trace level” or “ultrasensitive” measurement applications
  • May be used to provide combustion air for FID
  • Source of purge air for permeation tube ovens
  • Zero air for Ozone Generators


Output 30 SLPM @ 35 psig
Dewpoint -40°C ≤ 30 LPM
Dryer Regenerative heatless dryer with lifetime of greaer than 5 years
Output concentrations (maximum)

SO2 < 0.025 ppb
NO < 0.025 ppb
NO2 < 0.025 ppb
O3 < 0.3 ppb
CO < 10 ppm
Hydrocarbons < 0.25 ppm 

Pump Internal long-life, oil-less piston pump
Mounting Bench type mounting, rack mount optional
8.75" (22.2 cm) x 17" (43.2 cm) x 28" (71.12 cm)
Weight 69 lbs (31 kg)
Power requirements 100V 50/60 Hz, 115V 60 Hz,
220V 50/60 Hz, 230V 50 Hz,
240V 50Hz, 400 Watts
Approvals CE

Gas Measured: All gases

Ranges (Min/Max): 0-30 LPM, 35 PSI

Applications: Zero Air Generator