BPIT, Inc. - Aethalometer Model AE33

Aethalometer Model AE33

By: Magee Scientific

The Aethalometer® is the instrument most-used in the world for real-time monitoring and speciation of Black Carbon.

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• Full Spectrum 7-Wavelength analysis: UV – IR, 1 Hz data rate

• DualSpotTM Technology for compensation of “filter loading effect”

• Real-time source apportionment

• NIST-traceable Calibration/Validation by Neutral Density Optical kit

• Network ready for remote management and data transfer

• Integrates with Total Carbon Analyzer TCA08 for OC/EC analysis

• Integrates with CO2 and meteorological sensors for additional data


Continuous collection of aerosol on filter with simultaneous measurement of attenuation of transmitted light at wavelengths of 370, 470, 520, 590, 660, 880 and 950 nm. Black Carbon concentration measurement is defined by the absorption measurement at 880nm.

Multiple wavelenght analysis for source apportionment (identificationof biomass smoke), studies of aerosol light absorption, radiactive transfer, atmospheric optics. High data rate cpability for source and emissions testing.



Simultaneous analysis of light absorption by aerosol deposits collected on 2 spots in parallel at different loading rates. Mathematical combination of data yieldss Black Carbon result independent of "spot loading effects" and provides additional information about aerosol composition.



Discrimination of Black Carbon from fossil fuel versus biomass combustion possible with built-in analysis by a two-component model.



Proportional to time-bse and sample flow rate settings: approximately 0.3 μg/m3 @ 1 min, 5 LPM.



Detection Limit (1 hour): <0.005 μg/m3

Range: <0.01 to >100 μg/m3 Black CarbonResolution: 0.001 μg/m3 or 1 ng/m3 (user-definable display units)



Aerosol sample collected on reinforced glass-fiber/PTFE filter tape. Tape advances automatically on aerosol loading or at predefined times or intervals.Size selective inlets (impactor, cyclone) may be attached.

• Time-base 1 second or 1 minute, post-processing to anytime resolution.

• Flow-rate 2 to 5 LPM provided by internal pump. Flow measured by two mass flow sensors and stabilized by closed-loop control.



Display: 8.4'' color touch-screen with status indicator LED's.

Interface: Graphical User Interface with basic data display and control, advanced screens for detailed reporting and parameter setup.

Remote management: Network ready for remote management and data transfer.




• Digital data via RS-232 COM port and Ethernet

• Analog output via AOM module


Data are written to internal memory once every time-base period. Stored data may be transferred over a network or to  a manually inserted USB drive.



Automatic or manual sample flowrate calibration using an externally-attached calibrator. Verification of optical performance using a set of  NIST-traceable neutral density optical filters. Automatic or manual "Dynamic Active Zero" and stability tests may be programmed to occur at specified time intervals. 



• Dimensions (HxWxD): 28 x 43 x 33 cm

• Weight: 21 kg

• Electrical Power supply: 100-230VAC, 50/60Hz (auto-switching)

• Power consumption: 25 W average

• Internal Vacuum Pump: dual diaphragm, brushless motor

• Modular hardware, constructed in a fully-enclosed 19'' rack mount 6U chassis, hermetically sealed