BPIT, Inc. - Low Volume Air Sampler LV-40BW

Low Volume Air Sampler LV-40BW


This suction pump is intended for measuring work environments and ambient environments. It is portable and supports both AC and DC power supplies. By preparing a battery unit, there is no need to take into consideration the power supply situation of whether or not the measurement point has a power outlet. It also incorporates various functions such as constant flow rate, total flow rate and timer operation

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  • Compact, lightweight, and handy to carry around
  • Drops in suction flow rate caused by an increase in the sampling amount are suppressed by a constant flow rate unit
  • The pump incorporates a timer function. The ON timer operates by the time and countdown modes, and the OFF timer operated by the time, countdown, and total flow rate timer modes.
  • The instantaneous and total flow rates, pressure loss and other values are displayed digitally.
  • Brushless motor is used to suppress dust emission and extend motor life
  • The pump can also be driven by a DC battery by using the battery unit (sold separately)
  • The battery unit uses an overcharge protection circuit
  • The battery charger (sold separately) can charge up to three battery units simultaneously.


Item Code 080800-045
Suction Flow Rate 5.0 to 40.0 L/min

Instantaneous Flow Rate

Display Range

4.0 to 50.0 L/min
Constant Flow Rate Operating Range  5.0 L/min: 5 to 35 kPa
10.0 L/min: 0 to 35 kPa
20.0 L/min: 0 to 22 kPa
30.0 L/min: 0 to 12 kPa
40.0 L/min: 0 to 6 kPa
Total Flow Rate Display Range 0.000 to 999.999 m3
Flow Rate Accuracy  Within .5% of the set flow rate
Display Range of Set Time 0.00 to 999.59 (hours, minutes) 
Display Range Ambient Pressure YY/MM/DD/hh/mm/ss  
Pressure Loss 800 to 1100 hPa 
Temperature -10.0 to 45.0°C 
Built-in Flow Meter  Mass-flow sensor
Pressure Gauge Semiconductor sensor 
Thermometer Termistor 
Display Liquid crystal display (with backlighting) 
Suction Pump Diaphragm pump
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40 °C
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A (2 A fuse)
24 VDC (exclusive BU-24B Battery Unit: sold separately) 
Dimensions 200 W x 200 D x 285 H mm (excluding protusions)
Weight Approx. 5 kg 


Product name Item Code
Filter holder, A type 080050-155
Filter holder, B type 080050-255
Filter holder, C type (Multi-stage type sizing unit) 080050-3553
Filter holder for φ47mm 080140-045
Filter holder for φ25mm 080140-076
Andersen sampler, AN-200 080140-012
PM4 NW-354 Filter holder
equipped with inertial impaction particle size separator
Glass fiber filter, AP2005500 55 mm dia. (100 pcs.) 080150-3
Fluoropolymer binder filter, T60A20 35 mm dia. (50 pcs.) 080130-60235
Fluoropolymer binder filter, T60A20 55 mm dia. (50 pcs.) 080130-60255
Filter element, VFE-3 (5 pcs.) 080860-001
Flow indicator, FI-10N 080800-044
Flow indicator fixing hardware 080800-0451


  • Power switch key ^ 2
  • Power cable ^ 1
  • 2A fuse ^ 1
  • Sampling tube (10 mm I.D. ^ 14.5 mm O.D.) 2.5 m