BPIT, Inc. - AQM 65 Aeroqual

AQM 65 Aeroqual

By: Aeroqual

The AQM 65 is a fully integrated air monitoring station that delivers ‘near reference’ levels of performance. The size of a large suitcase it can measure up to 20 different gaseous and particulate pollutants and environmental parameters simultaneously. The AQM 65 offers the optimal balance between performance and price – measuring criteria pollutants to WHO air quality limits yet costing 3-5 x less than a traditional station based on analyzer technology.

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  • Lockable IP65 enclosure with insulated aluminum construction
  • Fas Sampling System (brushless DC pump, sampling system)
  • Thermal Managemnt System: Danfoss compressor, heater and TMS controller
  • Gas Inlet: Teflon, glass-coated stainless steel tubing, stainless steel fittings
  • mbedded PC (Intel Atom, 1.6GHz, dual core, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD hard drive)
  • Communications: Ethernet, WIFI
  • Aeroqual Connect software interface (configuration, diagnostics, and data acquisition)
  • Aeroqual Cloud basic subscription, free for the life of the instrument, unlimited users
  • Power Module (90-264 VAC, 47-63Hz)
  • External Temperature & Humidity Sensor (-40 to 120° C; 0-100% RH)
  • Pole and wall mount brackets
  • Documentation (Hard Copy: User Guide, Log Book; Soft Copy on USB stick)
  • Manufacturer’s Standard 12 month Warranty
  • Free unlimited access to Aeroqual’s online training system


Pollutant AQM 65 
Calibrated Range
AQM 65
Limit of Detection
Carbon monoxide

0-25 ppm
(0-29 mg/m3)

 <0.04 ppm="" span="">
(<0.05 mg="" m="" sup="">3)


0-0.5 ppm
(1000 μg/m3)

 0.001 ppm
Nitrogen dioxide

0-0.2 ppm
(380 μg/m3)

 0.001 ppm
(1.9 μg/m3)
Sulfur dioxide  0-10 ppm
(0-29 mg/m3)
 0.009 ppm
(25 μg/m3)
PM10  0-2000 μg/m3  1 μg/m3
PM2.5  0-2000 μg/m3  1 μg/m3