By: Devea

The adaptation of spinning disc technology to airborne disinfection is the best kind of innovation: simple and effective. Presenting Micro Drop Technology, which uses centrifugal force to project perfectly calibrated liquid droplets (5 to 10 µm) into the target region. The brand new Phileas range automates the disinfection of any kind of surface, even the most inaccessible.

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With its rotating head and height-adjustable foot, Phileas® Genius® can be easily inserted into the structure of isolators, freeze dryers, biosafety cabinets, sterilizing ovens, or even into serving hatches or double-door locks.

Indeed, its large handles can be used with gloves.

It is designed especially for treating very small volumes between 0.25m3 and 10m3.


Maximal volume 10 m3
Flow 300 ml/h
Grading 5-10 microns
Disc rotation speed 55 000 tr/min
Drum capacity 250 ml
Power life 2h30
Recharge time 6h
Width 34 cm
Height 21 cm
Length 20 cm
Weight 7 Kg
Power supply Battery NIMH and sector 220V
Material Stainless Steel