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Designed for demanding Industrial and Laboratory.

Phileas®250 is particularly designed for demanding environment such as industrial facilities and Laboratories with large volumes.

That can treat multiple rooms simultaneously, the powerful distribution provided by its two modules guarantees a fine and homogeneous mist.

It perform to a high degree of accuracy by measuring the weight of the diffused liquid.

Thanks to its wheels, Phileas®250 can move freely to accommodate a wide range of volumes (between 50m3 and 600m3).


Maximal volume 600 m3
Flow 3 000 ml/h
Grading 5-10 microns
Disc rotation speed 55 000 tr/min
Drum capacity 5L et 10L
Width 83 cm
Height 81 cm
Length 25 cm
Weight 25 Kg
Power supply Sector 220V
Material Stainless Steel