BPIT, Inc. - DF Series Upright Freezers, -10°C to -35°C

DF Series Upright Freezers, -10°C to -35°C

By: Iishin

Ultra Low Temp Freezer (Cryo-Pride Series) has been selected as World's 1st Class Product because of its advance quality approved by KGMP.

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  • Control Panel. Control Panel to easily drive and check the machine at customer's eye level
  • Three-door airtight gasket. This is for protecting the samples, blocking the air from the outside, increasing efficiency of the freezer, decreasing maintenance expense by using one sealing gasket for chamber, and two sealing gasket in door
  • Perfect Adiabatic System. High pressure polyurethane system (130mm insulation) minimizes loss of cold air thus decreasing electric power consumption
  • Adjustable Shelf. This can be adjusted according to sample requirement. Shalf air circulation holes is made for temperature uniformity between compartments.
  • Safety Door Lock Device. If a pressure of CO2 exceeds its maximum permissible pressure during using CO2 back-up system, the safety door lock device will help to maintain steady pressure to protect users and their samples from explosion.
  • RS-485 Port/Remote Alarm Port. By connecting to the RS-485 Port to personal computer or by using Remote Alarm Port, customer can check sample through computers
  • Wireless D.A.S. With wireless data sending/receiving system, one receiver (PC) can control a maximum of 30 unita of freezers
  • Electrical Box. Can check all deep freezer's electrical parts at one place
  • Refrigeration System. High power 1-1.25Hp compressor is applied with extra running condenser, so refrigeration system can be used in its optimum power. This system also considers the importance of decreasing electric power consumption and noise level.
  • Wheel Adjustment. There is a stable wheel adjustment to make freezer easy mobility
  • Recorder. By recording the freezer chamber temperature, customer can check on operation error
  • Service Port. This port is used to input power supply or sensor inside the chamber


Model DF3510 DF3514 DF3517 DF3520 DF3524
Capacity (L) 276 369 484 605 730
Exterior Dimensions 920(W) x 900(D) x 1740(H)mm 920(W) x 900(D) x 1979(H)mm 920(W) x 1050(D) x 1979(H)mm 1070(W) x 1050(D) x 1979(H)mm 1070(W) x 1180(D) x 1979(H)mm
Interior Dimensions 600(W) x 480(D) x 960(H)mm 600(W) x 480(D) x 1280(H)mm 600(W) x 630(D) x 960(H)mm 750(W) x 630(D) x 1280(H)mm 750(W) x 760(D) x 1280(H)mm
Temperature -10°C to -35°C
Insulation 130mm Non CFC, foamed in place polyurethane
Electrical `110V / 60Hz or 200/230V, 50/60Hz 200 / 230V, 50/60Hz
Certification ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, KGMP Certified
Weight (kg) 265kg 305kg 350kg 380kg 420kg
Noise Level In normal operation and ambient conditions of 20°C all models  ±60 dBa
Refrigeration 1 x 1HP 1 x 1.25HP 1 x 1.25HP 1 x 1.25HP 1 x 1.25HP