BPIT, Inc. - B2510 Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner, 0.75gal

B2510 Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner, 0.75gal

By: Bransonic

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Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more consistent, and safer than any other method. Hand scrubbing, soaking, or steam don't even come close. The Bransonic® table top cleaners now include the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. These Langevin-type metal/ceramic devices use engineered ceramics to assure both durability and superior power. Coupled with a new sweep frequency capability, you get the best possible cleaning every time, all the time.

  • Rugged enough for industry
  • Consistent enough to meet medical and laboratory standards
  • Safe enough for delicate electronic parts and precious jewelry

Other Features:

  • Digital Control Plus Heat & Timer
  • Mechanical Timer Plus Heat
  • Mechanical Timer
  • Cover Included



Overall Size 13.5" x 12" x 11.5"
Tank Size 9.5" x 5.5" x 4"
Weight 9 lbs
Frequency 40 kHz


Models Available:

Digital Control + Heat & Timer B2510E-DTH
Mechanical Timer + Heat B2510E-MTH
Mechanical Timer B2510E-MT



Available Accessories:

Tank Cover A22-1 600 ml Glass A600-1
Solid Tray A22-2 600 ml Stainless Steel A600-2
Perforated Tray A22-3 Support Rack CPN-916-040
Beaker Cover
(2-600 ml Beaker)
A22-5 Drain Tubing 1 Ft. 000-486-065
Beaker Cover
(2-250 ml Beaker)
A22-6 Mesh Basket 100-916-334
250 ml Glass A250