BPIT, Inc. - SX45 Stereo Microscope

SX45 Stereo Microscope

By: Vision Engineering Microsopes, Ltd.

The SX45 industrial inspection stereo microscope with its extra-long working distance, precision optics and compact design is the perfect solution to many industrial, manufacturing and biological applications.

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  • Affordable stereo zoom microscope with first-class performance
  • 8x - 50x* (6.3:1 zoom ratio) click-stop stereo zoom magnification (200x max.)
  • Long-life (up to 6,000 hours), true colour LED illumination
  • Wide range of options and configurations
  • Extra long working distance (115mm*)
  • Very rugged, easy to use and simple to maintain

*with standard x1.0 objective



Bench Stand

  • Compact and versatile
  • Low-profile base optimises ergonomics for reduced operator fatigue
  • Built-in transformer with intensity adjustment for both surface and substage illumination

Boom Mount

  • ideal for larger specimens
  • stable platform base, or for mounting directly to user's work surface
  • Enhanced freedom of movement

Articulated Arm

  • For enhanced flexibility
  • Low-profile base optimises ergonomics for reduced operator fatigue
  • Multi-point adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment

Floor Stand

  • Perfect for inspection of large or immovable subjects
  • Height and reach adjustments for inspection of different sized or positioned samples
  • Articulated adjustable horizontal arm
  • Heavy duty wheeled base provides mobility to move around practice or lab


Optical Data

Eyepieces Objective Lenses Zoom Range Working Distance
10x/22 F.N. 0.5x* 4x – 25x 220.6mm
10x/22 F.N. 1.0x 8x – 50x 115.0mm
10x/22 F.N. 2.0x 16x – 100x 57.5mm
15x/16 F.N. 0.5x* 6x – 37.5x 220.6mm
15x/16 F.N. 1.0x 12x – 75x 115.0mm
15x/16 F.N. 2.0x 24x – 150x 57.5mm
20x/13 F.N. 0.5x* 8x – 50x 220.6mm
20x/13 F.N. 1.0x 16x – 100x 115.0mm
20x/13 F.N. 2.0x 32x – 200x 57.5mm

Technical Data

Greenough stereo zoom microscope
Zoom ratio 6.3:1
Observation tube inclination 45°
Interpupillary distance adjustment (52 to 75mm)
Dioptre adjustment on both eyepieces


  • Image Capture, Archive & Documentation
  • LED Ringlight
  • Floating Stage
  • Polarisation Set