BPIT, Inc. - SX100 Stereo Microscope

SX100 Stereo Microscope

By: Vision Engineering Microsopes, Ltd.

Powerful, high quality binocular stereo microscope, SX100 delivers exceptional colour, contrast and clarity. SX100 delivers performance, flexibility and reliability, while quality optics ensures superb stereo viewing.

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  • 8x - 80x standard magnification range (320x max)
  • High optical quality CMO stereo microscope, designed to be affordable
  • Precision optics deliver high resolution and flat field
  • Long-life true colour LED illumination
  • Long working distance and large depth of field
  • Click-stop zoom indexing
  • Fine focus control crucial for higher magnifications
  • Modular system with optional extras for tailored configurations


Bench Stand

  • Compact and stable low-profile ergonomic base
  • Integrated focus and fine focus (optional) control
  • Built-in transformer with intensity adjustment for both surface and substage illumination

Boom Mount

  • Ideal for larger specimens
  • Enhanced freedom of movement
  • Stable platform base, or for mounting directly to user's work surface

Dual Arm Boom

  • Designed specifically for applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability
  • Easy adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment
  • Stable platform base, or for mounting directly to user's work surface


Optical Data

Eyepieces Objective Lenses Zoom Range Working Distance
10x/22 F.N. 0.5x 4x - 40x 130mm
10x/22 F.N. 1.0x 8x - 80x 78mm
10x/22 F.N. 2.0x 16x - 160x 32.5mm
15x/16 F.N. 0.5x 6x - 60x 130mm
15x/16 F.N. 1.0x 12x - 120x 78mm
15x/16 F.N. 2.0x 24x - 240x 32.5mm
20x/13 F.N. 0.5x 8x - 80x 130mm
20x/13 F.N. 1.0x 16x - 120x 78mm
20x/13 F.N. 2.0x 32x - 320x 32.5mm

 Technical Data

Optical System CMO (Common Main Objective)
Total Magnification 4x - 320x
Zoom Ratio 10:01
Observation Tube Inclination 20°
Interpupillary Distance 55mm - 75mm
Objectives Plan Achromatic 0.5x, 1.0x, 2.0x
Eyepieces WF10x F.N.22; WF15x F.N.16; WF20x F.N.13


  • Image Capture, Archive and Documentation
  • LED Ringlight
  • Floating Stage
  • Fine Focus
  • Polarisation Set
  • Double Iris Diaphragm