BPIT, Inc. - UV-3100 Model

UV-3100 Model

By: JP Selecta

Suitable for pharmaceutical and biochemical laboratories, kinetics, quantitative analysis, wavelength scanning, multiple components and DNA/protein analysis.

Spectrophotometers UV-2005 and UV-3100 have been developed for accurate tests; its stray light is only of 0.5% T. They are flexible, easy-to-use and maximize value. Value is provided from every day performance. The independent local software provides the following functions: Mode, Quantitative, Kinetics and System Utilities.

Data is stores in the memory in case of power cut.

The special application software provides complete control of the spectrophotometer from a PC, through the built-in USB port.

Wavelength scanning models can be upgraded when connected to the PC via the special software based in Windows.

Automatic wavelength settings.

Halogen and deuterium lamps can be switch on/off individually to extend lamp lifeline.

Its pre-aligned design makes it possible to change lamps for the user himself.

Large sample compartment for 5-100mm path length cuvettes.

A wide range of optional accessories can also be selected.

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Absorbance, transmittance and concentration measurements.

Its establishes or used stored calibration equations to measure solutions of unknown concentration

Spectrum scan of sample at any selected wavelength range with choice of scanning speed and wavelength interval.

Measurement of absorbance changing versus time with reaction rate calculation function.

Measurement at multiple wavelengths to analyze and determine the composition of mixtures.

Calculation of concentration and DNA purity.

Note: ration at other wavelengths can be measured.


Part No. 4120021
Spectral Bandwidth 190-1100 nm
Optical System 2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy Single beam, diffraction grating 1200 lines/nm
Wavelength Repeatability ±0.5 nm
Photometric Accuracy 0.3 nm
Photometric Repeatability ±0.3 T
Photometric Range -0, 3-3 A, 0-200% T. 0-9999 Concentration
Stray light 0.05% T @220 nm, 340 nm
Stability ±0.002 A/h @ 500 nm
LCD Display Graphic (320x240)
Scanning Velocity  High, Med, Low. Max 3000 nm/min.
Uniformity ±0.002 A (200-1000nm)
Sample Compartment 10mm path length standard cuvette (100mm optional)
Light Source  Halogen and deuterium lamps (pre-aligned)
Output  USB, parallel port (printer)
Power Requirements 220V/60Hz
External dimension (HxWxD) 16x480x360mm
Weight (Kg) 16