BPIT, Inc. - VS-8480MX4-DT,MX2-DT Multi-Spin-Shaker

VS-8480MX4-DT,MX2-DT Multi-Spin-Shaker

By: Vision bionex

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  • 2 Independent Chamber supply with 2 shakers each (MX4-DT)
  • 2 Chambers & 4 Shakers Verticaly Installed
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Beltless Drum Mechanism
  • 10 RPM Slow Operation Support
  • Digital PID Controller
  • Variable Flask & Tubes Support
  • Light Bank (option)


Description Specification
Model VS-8480 MX4-DT
Shaking Unit: 4 Shakers
Room: 2 Chamber
Temp. Range: 10°C to 60°C
Temp. Controller: Digital P.I.D. controller
Speed Range: 10 - 350 RPM
Drive system: Beltless direct drive
Motor: Brushless D.C. Motor K-type
Circulation Fan: 5" convection fan x 2EA
Dimension (IN): 650 x 700 x 820(H)mm x 2 chamber
                (OUT): 1385 x 840 x 2215(H)mm
Flask Capacity: 250ml x 100 EA
Door: Silicone Packing Door with window
Safety Device: Over temp. Protector, Door detector
Power: 220V,12A,2.5KW, 60Hz
Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001


Description Specification
Model: VS-8480 MX2-DT
Shaking Unit: 2 Shakers
Room: 2 Chamber
Temp. Range: 10°C to 60C
Speed Range: 10 - 350 RPM
Flask Capacity: 250ml x 50EA
Power: 220V,10A,2.2Kw,60Hz