BPIT, Inc. - AL05-24-230 Horizontal Shaker

AL05-24-230 Horizontal Shaker

By: Advantage-Lab

This Digital Horizontal Shakes is suitable or large size containers and suitable for continuous running

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  • Speed adjustable, controlled by microprocessor
  • Constant speed independently of the load
  • Smooth and progressive start and stop, independently of the selected speed
  • Digital Display LCD backlighted indicating the selected and actual speed and timer
  • with audible alarm)
  • Membrane push-button control
  • Automatic restart after unexpected shut down keeping the same parameters as before the incident. An incident sign appears on the display
  • Non-slipping surface, optional
  • Quiet operation



In laboratories, incubation and moderating rooms at ambient temperatures between +10 and +50 °C, in biology and microbiology laboratories and in diagnostic test reactions.


Shaking motion horizontal
Control digital
Shaking platform 350 x 400 mm
Power (W) 50
Load capacity max. 10 kgs
Shaking frequency 30 - 220 rpm
Shaking amplitude 30 mm
Resolution (rpm) 5
Timer up to 120 minutes or continuous operation
Ambient temperature +10°C to +50°C
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H) 410 x 570 x 140 mm
Weight 12.0 kg