BPIT, Inc. - Douglas Machine Model 1536-N

Douglas Machine Model 1536-N

By: Douglas Machines

This Douglas Machine Model 1536-N features a front mounted pump design, 15 H.P. motor and a 36 pan capacity.

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Design & Operation:

  • Designed for batch type operation where the wash rack is loaded with items to be cleaned.

  • After the door is closed, the short, medium or long wash cycle is selected then which initiates a 150° F. recirculating detergent wash followed by a 180° F. final fresh water sanitizing rinse.

  • The final sanitizing rinse water flows into the recirculated wash tank for reuse and freshening causing excess water to overflow to drain.

  • A buzzer and unload light indicates cycle completion.

  • The door is then reopened for unloading and reloading for the next cycle.

  • Booster heaters maintain proper operating temperatures.


  • 60” wide x 56 1/2” deep (66 1/2” for pass through option) x 93” high (123” overall clearance height when floor mounted, 110” when used in a pit. Add 6” with gas heated rinse tank).

  • Door Opening: 32” wide x 76 1/2” high. Wash Chamber: 32” wide x 38 1/2” deep x 76 1/2” high.

  • Constructed of #14 gauge, 300 Series STAINLESS STEEL with a #3 finish.

  • All seams are tig or mig welded. Seams, where needed for watertight construction, are continuously welded.

  • All other seams are stitch welded for strength.

  • All welds are cleaned inside, cleaned and buffed outside.

  • Optional continuous welds in lieu of stitch welds available.


Wash Pump: 15 HP
Floor Space: 60"wide, 56 1/2" deep
Wash Chamber: 32"wide, 38 1/2" deep, 76 1/2" high
Rotating Hubs: 2 each side
Sheet Pan Capacity: 36 per cycle, 360 per hour

* For more detailed specification, please contact BP Integrated Technologies, Inc.