BPIT, Inc. - Douglas Machine Model 1536-FBW

Douglas Machine Model 1536-FBW

By: Douglas Machines

This Douglas Machine Model 1536-FBW is an alternative batch washer designed for specialty applications where the single use of cleaning solutions is preferred or where soil type is such that reusing wash water multiple times leads to unsatisfactory result

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Design & Operation:

  • Designed for batch type operation where the wash rack is loaded with items to be cleaned.

  • With the door open, the docking cart is wheeled over to the machine where it is locked in place.

  • The wash rack is then released from the cart and rolled into the cabinet.

  • The docking cart is removed, then the door is closed.

  • After the door is closed, the short, medium or long wash cycle is selected.

  • The start button is then pushed which initiates closing of the drain valve, filling of the wash tank at 150° F and the adding of detergent, if applicable.

  • After the wash tank is filled, the cycle starts which includes a recirculating detergent wash, followed by a fresh water rinse (ambient, 180° F. sanitizing or chemical sanitizing) and an exhaust fan/dwell cycle.

  • At the end of the wash cycle the wash tank drain valve is opened to remove contaminated solution before the next rack is loaded.

  • During the exhaust fan/dwell cycle, the door is opened and the docking cart is returned and locked into place where the wash rack is rolled back onto the cart, secured, and removed from the machine.

  • An additional “Auto Clean” cycle is included to purge the pump, cabinet and supply manifolds at the end of the day or between product changes.

  • Booster heaters maintain proper operating temperatures.


  • 54” wide x 51” deep x 104 1/2” high. Overall footprint is 55 1/2” wide x 74” deep.

  • Door Opening: 36” wide x 76 1/2” high. Wash Chamber: 36” wide x 42” deep x 76 1/2” high.

  • Constructed of #14 gauge, #304 STAINLESS STEEL with a #3 finish.

  • All seams, excluding filter section, are tig or mig welded and continuous.

  • All welds are cleaned inside, cleaned and buffed outside.

* For more detailed specification, please contact BP Integrated Technologies, Inc.