BPIT, Inc. - SI30H-Hybridisation Incubator & Shaker

SI30H-Hybridisation Incubator & Shaker

By: Nameless

A very versatile 20 litre hybridisation incubator and combined rocker shaker which only requires a minimum of bench space.

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  • Compact design
  • Rotisserie and rocker in one unit
  • Up and over door for accessibility
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Advanced safety features
  • Variable speed control

The `safety first' design includes an over-temperature protection system that automatically tracks the set temperature and controls the heater in the event of a fault.

The smart system displays error codes indicating a fault has occurred or if the set temperature has been interrupted.

The incubator also cuts power to the motor if it overheats or stalls.

Conversion of the unit to a rocker shaker is fast and easy. Simply remove the rotisserie and pull forward the platform located at the rear of the incubator.


Nominal capacity: 20 litres
Temperature range: Ambient + 8°C to 80°C
Rotational speed range: 2 to 10rpm
Internal dimensions (w x d x h): 250 x 230 x 200mm
Overall dimensions (w x d x h): 380 x 380 x 435mm
Net weight: 24kg
Electrical supply: 230V, 50Hz, 350W


Hybridisation bottles

Bottle hybridisation minimises probe volumes, reduces reagent volumes and enhances signal intensity.

The thermoplastic polyester caps are very rigid and will not distort during repeated heating in the incubator which can lead to leakage.

The seal is made by a PTFE faced insert that covers the entire inside of the cap making very good contact with the glass thread.


Available in three sizes, each bottle comes complete with cap and a care leaflet.

Model Overall length O.D I.D Wall thickness
SI20H/3 260mm 40mm 33.6mm 3.2mm
SI20H/4 260mm 75mm 68.6mm 3.2mm
SI20H/5 170mm 40mm 33.6mm 3.2mm


Model Description
SI30H Hybridisation incubator / shaker supplied with 1 x rotisserie
SI20H/1 Spare rotisserie for 7 x 40mm diameter bottles (holds 6 plus 1 in the centre)
SI20H/2 Accessory rotisserie for 2 x 75mm diameter bottles