BPIT, Inc. - VS-802F Centra-Vac System

VS-802F Centra-Vac System

By: Vision bionex

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  • Quick Operation Time, 200 Liter/min. Vacuum pump and heater make the "Reduction,Concentration, Drying" quickly finished.
  • 100% Sample Recover
  • Very Small Amount of Sample Operatable
  • Sample Contamination Free
  • Economic System (Module Type)
  • Multi-purpose  / Use (Module Type)


Centra-Vac System
Model Composition
VS-802F Centra-Vac (VS-802), cold Trap (VS-60)
  Vacuum Pump (W2V20), Stand (ST-8), CT-8B, TK-8
VS-802TV VS-802,VS-1205TV


Centra-Vac VS-802
Rotor Speed: 2,000 RPM
Drive System: MPB Brushless D.C. Motor
Temp. Control: Thermistor, ON/OFF Control
Heater: Silicon Tube Heater
Rotor Chamber: Stainless Steel, Chemical Resistant
Dimension: 250 x 285 x 230(H)mm
Lid: Transparent Acrylic Resin
Power: 220V,1.8A,60Hz
VR1.560 1.5ml x 60 Tubes, total 90ml
VR1524 15ml x 24 Tubes, total 360ml
VR508 50ml x   8 Tubes, total 400ml


Cold Trap VS-60
Temperature: -60°C
Trap Capacity: 1.6 Liter
Trap Material: Stainless Steel, SUS304
Dimension: 360 x 420 x 320(H)mm
Drain Valve: Rotary Closed Valve
Power: 220V,1.4A,60Hz


Thermo-Vac Circulator VS-1205TV
Temp. Range: -20°C to 100°C
Temp. control: Microprocessor Digital PID Control
Vacuum Speed: 40Liter/min.
Ultimate vacuum: Max. 7 torr
Circulation pump: 25liter/min.
Dimension(IN): 300 x 300 x 300/200(cover)mm
               (OUT): 590 x 375 x 825(H)mm
Power: 220V,6A,60Hz


Vacuum Pump W2V20
Type: Two stage Direct Drive
Ultimate Vacuum: 5 x 10" Torr
Pumping Speed: 200 Liter / min.
Dimension: 150 x 436 x 256(H)mm
Power: 220V,2.5A,60Hz


Chemical trap & Accessory
CT-8A Chemical trap for Acid vapor
CT-8B Chemical trap for Water vapor
CT-8C Chemical trap for Organic solvent vapor
ST-8 Stand, 450 x 500 x 850(H)mm
OMT-10 Oil mist trap