BPIT, Inc. - BOD Sensor System 10

BOD Sensor System 10

By: Velp Scientifica

BOD Sensor Systems 10 consist of a 10-position stirring unit complete with 10 BOD Sensors, 10 alkali holders for absorbing the carbon dioxide and 10 stirring bars.

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Precise Control

  • Measurement on scales of 90, 250, 600 and 999 ppm BOD
  • Higher values can be measured by diluting the sample
  • Models with stirring stations offer VELP stirring quality

Extremely Practical

  • Fits directly on the bottle containing the sample
  • Automatically stores 5 BOD values at 24-hour intervals
  • Enables analysis to continue over the weekend
  • Results directly readable at any time, even after five days
  • Direct readout in mg/l (ppm)
  • Compact stirring stations

Priority to Safety

  • IP 54 protection against particle and liquid ingress
  • Class 3 IEC 1010 conformity


Model BOD Sensor System 10
Construction material technopolymer
Power 2 W
Power supply 115 V or 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.0x11.8x6.5 in
Reading value mg/l (ppm) directly on the display
Bottle total capacity 500 ml
Stored data 5 BOD values at 24h intervals
BOD values directly on the display at any time also after the standard 5 days period
Scales 90, 250, 600, 999 ppm BOD. Higher values after dilution
Display digits 3 LED
Safety class 3 IEC 1010
Electronic protection degree CEI EN 60529 IP 54