BPIT, Inc. - VS-1302LBR Blood Bank Refrigerator,1125L

VS-1302LBR Blood Bank Refrigerator,1125L

By: Vision bionex

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  • Keep the Blood & Medicine Safety
  • Mechanical Rotation Type
  • Special Pair Glass
  • Urethane Insulation
  • Accurate Temp. Control
  • Easy accesable Drawer Shelf
  • Inside Lamp, Key Lock
  • Independent Safety Feature
  • KGMP, ISO9001, ISO14001


Temperature Range: 0-10°C
Temp. Uniformity: +/- 2°C at 4°C
Temp. Controller: Digital P.I.D. controller
Display: Dual LED display
Defrost device: Automatic type
Dimension (IN): 1140 x 690 x 1430 (H)mm
                (OUT): 1257 x 800 x 2020 (H)mm
Capacity: 125 Liter
Material (IN): Stainless Steel
            (OUT): Steel plate with powder coating
Door: Two door, Tempered Triple Safety glass
Shelves: 16 Drawer
Illumination: Water Proof F.L. 40W x 1ea
Safety Device: Exclusive High & low temp. Protector
Recorder: Thermal Type, Chart recorder
Weight: 218Kg
Power: 220V,4.3A,60Hz
Certification: KGMP,ISO9001,ISO14001