BPIT, Inc. - DX51 Metallurgical Microscope

DX51 Metallurgical Microscope

By: Vision Engineering Microsopes, Ltd.

The DX51 provides excellent optical performance and flexibility for a wide range of routine metallurgical applications. Simple operating procedures ensure outstanding effectiveness in all routine work, making the DX51 the natural choice for the exacting demands of industrial and education microscopy.

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  • Optics offer superb image contrast and resolution
  • Brightfield and polarized light illumination techniques
  • Range of image capture options for documentation, analysis and reporting
  • Compact stable design with infinity optical system
  • The DX51 is perfectly suited to quality control, materials inspection and sample preparation applications, offering high performance with reliability.


Microscope Body


Coaxial bilateral coarse and fine adjustment with adjustable limit stop

Torque adjustment for coarse focus control


Built in Köhler illumination for epi illuminator

6 volt 20W Halogen bulb (pre-centred)

Built-in variable transformer


Quadruple nosepiece

Optical System

Infinity optical system

 Observation Tube

Interpupillary Adjustment

55 to 75mm



Compensation free binocular head

 Mechanical Stage

Stage Dimensions

150 x 140mm


Low positioned coaxial controls

X & Y Movement

75 x 50mm


Infinity plan achromat x4/N.A. 0.1 (brightfield)

Infinity plan achromat x10/N.A. 0.25 (brightfield)

Infinity plan achromat x40/N.A. 0.60 (brightfield)


Widefield high eyepoint x10/F.N 18