BPIT, Inc. - 23-85L Horizontal Semi-Automatic Autoclave

23-85L Horizontal Semi-Automatic Autoclave

By: Advantage-Lab

These semi-automatic horizontal autoclaves are suitable for the sterilization of liquids, solid items, glassware, plastic articles ad wastes sterilization


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  • Heat-resistant plastic covering on lid
  • Pressure-dependent door lock
  • Door lock safety switch
  • Excess temperature safety device
  • Overpressure valve


SKU AL02-03-100 AL02-11-100 AL02-09-100
Dimensions 368mm x 496mm x 643mm 695mm x 660mm x 525mm 875mm x 660mm x 525mm
Weight 48 kg 80 kg 106 kg
Voltage (~10%) 50/60Hz: 230 230 380
Color Cream white, stainless steel interior chamber stainless steel and stainless steel interior chamber cream white, stainless steel interior chamber
Door Front front Front
Temperature 60 to 134°C 100 to 137°C 100 to 134°C
Control Panel semi automatic; electro mechanical control  semi automatic, electro mechanical control semi automatic, electro mechanical control
Loading Capacity   28 x 250mL Schott Duran or 22 x 20mL Erlenmeyer flasks  
Maximum Working Pressure   276 kPa or 2.81 F/cm  
Heating Capacity (kW) 2.2 4 4.8
Pressure   0.230 kPa / 0-330 kPa  
Chamber Volume (liter) 23 62 85
Chamber Size (diam x depth mm) 250 x 320 380 x 510 380 x 690mm



AL02-03-100 Benchtop Autoclave 23liter, semi automatic
AL02-03-150 Wire mesh basket for AL02-03
AL02-03-151 Closed basket for AL02-03
AL02-11-100 Semi automatic 62 liter autoclave, horizontal
AL02-11-150 Wire mesh basket for AL02-11
AL02-11-151 Closed basket for AL02-11
AL02-09-100 Semi automatic 85 liter autoclave, horizontal
AL02-09-150 Wire mesh basket for AL02-09
AL02-09-151 Closed basket for AL02-09