BPIT, Inc. - 120-344L Front Loading Autoclaves

120-344L Front Loading Autoclaves

By: Astell

Factory fitted with a large umber of features  standard. Available in 120, 153, 247, 290, and 344 liter models. It is suitable for sterilizing liquids, discard, glassware and other instruments

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  • Choice of 95, 120, and 135 liter models
  • Touch Screen Color Controller - Fully Programmable
  • Electro Polished S/Steel Chamber
  • Holdwarm / Delayed Start Feature
  • Timed Free Steaming
  • Full Range of Options & Accessories
  • Ultra Quick Swiftlock Door Mechanism
  •  External Pressure Gauge, Cooling Lock, Safety Valve Test and Emergency Stop Button


Reference Steam Source

Power Supply Phase Ø

Amps/ Phase kW Total

Volume Liters

Chamber Dia x

Depth mm

Overall Dims

w x h x d

ASB260BT Heaters in Chamber Single or 3 Phase, 7/10kW 120L 450 x 635 685 x 1490 x 1100
ASB270NT Heaters in Chamber Single or 3 Phase, 7/10kW 153L 450 x 865 685 x 1490 x 1310
ASB280NT Heaters in Chamber 3 Phase, N&E, 12kW 247L 600 x 735 900 x 1575 x 1370
ASB290NT Heaters in Chamber 3 Phase, N&E, 16kW 290L 600 x 885 900 x 1575 x 1370
ASB300NT Heaters in Chamber 3 Phase, N&E, 16kW 344L 600 x 1085 900 x 1575 x 1570

 *Direct Steam models available at no exra cost


Steam Generation Options

The Front Loading range of Astell Autoclaves comes with Heaters in the Chamber as standard. However, it is also available in two other derivatives

  • Integral Steam Generator Option (REF 16/24KWSG) - the standard heaters in chamber are replaced with either a 16kW or 24kW integral steam generator. This option includes automatic water filling as standard.
  • Direct Steam Option - the heaters are removed from the chamber and connections are fitted enabling connection to an external on site steam supply


Options & Accessories:

Reference Description
AVC001 Advanced Pulsar Vacuum
AVC002 Pre and Post Simple Vacuum
AJP100/AJP152 External Jacket Heating
AAR130 Integral Data Printer
AAR014  Load Sensed Process Timing
AAR120 RS232 Interface 
AAR122 Ethernet Interface 
IQ/OQ IQ/OQ Documentation
AVC004 Air Ballast
AAP006 Assisted Air Cooling
AAP100 Advanced Water Cooling
AAP019 Autofill Option
AAP018 Autodrain Option
ADA100 Deluge Water Cooling Option 
AAP102 Internal Convection Fan Cooling
AAN300 Morrison Disard Containers 290mm width x 330mm depth x 280mm height
AAN316 Additional Shelf Kit for ASB260BT & ASB270BT
AAN318 Additional Shelf Kit for ASB280, 290 & 300BT
AAW002 Water Softener
AAN420 Exhaust Heat Exhange System
AVQ006 Category 3 Compliance
AAQ500 Integral Air Compressor
SPL285 Blow Down Vessel